New for 2023: Princess Race Weekend Outfit Ideas: Officially Licensed Leggings & Tank Tops

I published a similar post last year for the 2022 Princess race weekend. Since some of the featured princesses have changed for 2023, I'm sharing more officially licensed leggings and tops for this new group of characters. 

Remember that you can customize the shirts here to make them unique for your race; here's how: Design Your Own Officially Licensed Disney Race Shirt.

This post features several different apparel styles. 

The all-over print racerback tanks are made of a soft ring-spun polyester/spandex blend. The flowy tank styles are made of a poly/cotton or poly/viscose blend.

The all-over print leggings are made using a comfortable, breathable polyester/spandex blend, and do not include pockets. 

Both the leggings and the all-over print tanks are made using a cut-and-sew process; the design elements on the different pieces of fabric might not line up exactly. This is normal and shouldn't be too noticeable while wearing. 

The leggings and tanks are great for racing but also comfortable for post-race park hopping.

Here are Zazzle's officially licensed Disney offerings featuring the race mascot princesses:

Jasmine for the 5K
Belle for the 10K
Moana for the Half Marathon
Cinderella for the Challenge

Jasmine for the 5K: Officially Licensed Leggings for Princess Race Weekend

Princess Jasmine with Tiger Rajah Colorful Leggings

Found on Zazzle

Wear these fun leggings, named "Besties Rule", featuring Princess Jasmine with her feline bestie Rajah. From the front, these appear to have purple across one leg and Jasmine's turquoise or light blue as the dominant color on the other leg. See Rajah from the side, and find a purple and tiger orange dominant color scheme on the back.

Princess Jasmine Dream Big Magic Carpet Leggings

Found on Zazzle

These dynamic leggings, with a design called "Dream Big", featured Princess Jasmine riding on Magic Carpet through a starry, partly cloudy sky. She wears her iconic turquoise outfit as the moon looms large in the background.

Belle for the 10K: Leggings and Tank Top Ideas for Princess Race Weekend

Princess Belle Motivational Slogans Leggings

Found on Zazzle

These fun leggings feature a large image of Princess Belle, along with a bunch of inspirational and motivational words in different fonts, including smart rules, true of heart, inspirational, and caring is enchanting. The graffiti style design also includes icons of roses and flowers, teapots, tiaras, and more.

Officially Licensed Beauty & the Beast Belle Tanks

Belle | Beautfiul Inside & Out Tank Top – This image features Princess Belle along with the phrase "Beautfiul Inside & Out" decorated with roses View on Zazzle
Beauty And The Beast | Be Our Guest Tank Top – A cute collage of Belle and the Beauty And The Beast characters. View on Zazzle
Beauty & The Beast | Tale As Old As Time Tank Top – A black silouette of Belle with the phrase "Tale as old as time". View on Zazzle
Beauty & The Beast | Lumière Silhouette Tank Top – A silhouette of Lumière with colorful scenes. View on Zazzle

Moana for the Half Marathon: Legging Options and Matching Tank Top Outfit Ideas for Princess Race Weekend

Whether you're dressing up in a Moana-themed outfit for the half marathon, or looking to channel the character while park hopping later in the day, there are a lot of options featuring Disney's Polynesian Princess.

Officially Licensed Moana Leggings

Moana | Sail By The Stars - Pattern Leggings – Meet Maui from Disney's animated adventure, Moana. He's half god, half mortal, all awesome! Here we see the South Pacific demigod pulling back the sun in... View on Zazzle
Moana | Land And Sea Are One - Pattern Leggings – Let's get tropical! Amazing colorful patterns from Disney with a Moana inspired mosaic of the ocean islands of the pacific. The ocean princess's boat making waves... View on Zazzle
Moana | Maui - Shape Shifter Pattern Leggings – Meet Maui from Disney's animated adventure, Moana. He's half god, half mortal, all awesome! Here we see the South Pacific demigod pulling back the sun in... View on Zazzle

These Moana-inspired pattern leggings match well with a variety of different tank top styles, from bold images taken from the animated feature to matching patterns, here are some great options.

Officially Licensed Moana Tank Tops for Princess Weekend Running or Park Hopping

Moana | Heihei - Very Important Rooster Tank Top – Heihei is one very important rooster. This cute little animal is inspired by Disney. His friendship to Moana, the ocean princess, leads him on an amazing... View on Zazzle
Moana | Floral Pattern Tank Top – Revisit the magical world of Moana with this cute pattern inspired by Disney! Featuring the ocean princess herself and a beautiful floral pattern, this colorful design... View on Zazzle
Moana | Pua The Pot Bellied Pig Tank Top – Let us introduce Pua, the pot-bellied pig from Moana. This playful piglet is the beloved pet, sidekick and best friend of the Ocean princess, Moana. Pua... View on Zazzle
Moana | Retro Poster Pattern Tank Top – Get motivated to explore beyond the horizon with this retro Disney inspired poster. Become a bold adventurer like Moana! This patterned print features baby Moana, the... View on Zazzle
Moana | Sail By The Stars - Pattern Tank Top – Meet Maui from Disney's animated adventure, Moana. He's half god, half mortal, all awesome! Here we see the South Pacific demigod pulling back the sun in... View on Zazzle
Moana | Pua - I'm No Bacon Tank Top – Look at Pua! This cute character from Disney's Moana is so adorable you could just eat him up. No wait. This cartoon pig isn't for eating!... View on Zazzle
Moana | Maui - Island Lifter Tank Top – This intricate Polynesian inspired tribal art hails from Disney's awesome animated adventure, Moana. Here we see the loveable demigod, Maui under attack by Te K?, a... View on Zazzle
Moana | Island Daughter Tank Top – This adorable design depicts the young island princess, Moana long before her big ocean adventure. Even before she became Daughter of the Ocean, it was clear... View on Zazzle
Moana | Discover Oceania Tank Top – Find what lies beyond the sea with this enchanting design from Disney's Moana. This beautiful ocean scene shows the two epic adventurers, Moana and Maui on... View on Zazzle
Moana | True To Your Heart Tank Top – Discover Moana, the demi-god Maui, their little pig friend Pua and the rooster Heihei in this cute design from Disney! Together these amazing animated characters follow... View on Zazzle
Moana | Set Your Own Course Tank Top – Sail across the Pacific Ocean with Disney's Moana, an adventurous and headstrong young girl who strives to save the people of Motunui. Accompanied by the mighty... View on Zazzle
Moana | One With The Waves Tank Top – You ever seen an ocean princess before? Well you're in luck! Here's Moana with her arms held wide and flashing a big smile in excitement. This... View on Zazzle
Moana | Sailing Spirit Tank Top – Check out Moana surfing a stencilled wave! This ocean heroine has no fear with her sailing spirit guiding her. This Disney character has her oar in... View on Zazzle
Moana | Kakamora - Coconut Pirates Tank Top – Cute little coconut creatures sounds like fun right? What if I told you they were the mythological kakamora from Disney's Moana!? These pirates covered in their... View on Zazzle
Moana | Adventurer, Voyager, Wayfinder Tank Top – Moana is a sweeping animation about an adventurous 16 year old girl who sets sale on a brave journey to save her people. Moana is Disney's... View on Zazzle
Moana | The Ocean Is Calling Tank Top – Is the ocean calling you? Revisit the magical world of Moana with this cool, ocean themed design from Disney. Our cartoon heroes Moana and Maui, making... View on Zazzle

Cinderella for the Challenge: Leggings and Tank Top Ideas for Princess Race Weekend

Princess Cinderella "Express Yourself" Jumbo Character Leggings

Found on Zazzle

Cinderella poses with a sassy look on her face. She holds a glass slipper in one hand as she wears her ball gown with iconic choker necklace and hair in a high, loose bun. The princess is featured large and bold along one leg; the rest of the leggings have a subtle blue pattern with text that reads "Make Your Own Magic".

Selection of Cinderella All-Over Print Tank Tops

Cinderella | Have Courage Tank Top – Cinderella sitting in her blue dress next to the phrase "Have courage and be kind". View on Zazzle
Cinderella | Crowned By Friendship Tank Top – Disney Princesses are empowered heroines who dream, create and celebrate magical adventures! They help inspire young girls to see how brave, strong and fearless they are.... View on Zazzle
Cinderella | Dream Big Tank Top – Disney Princesses are empowered heroines who dream, create and celebrate magical adventures! They help inspire young girls to see how brave, strong and fearless they are.... View on Zazzle
Cinderella | Friendship Is Fearless Tank Top – Disney Princesses are empowered heroines who dream, create and celebrate magical adventures! They help inspire young girls to see how brave, strong and fearless they are.... View on Zazzle
Cinderella | Dream It, Then Do It Tank Top – Disney Princesses are empowered heroines who dream, create and celebrate magical adventures! They help inspire young girls to see how brave, strong and fearless they are.... View on Zazzle
Princess Cinderella 3 Tank Top – Princess View on Zazzle
Cinderella - Kindness Rules Tank Top – Princess View on Zazzle
Cinderella | Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Tank Top – This modern, pop art design includes Cinderella & her fairy Godmother in a bright, comic print. View on Zazzle

If you decide to use one of these kits or costume pieces for your race, check if Zazzle has any coupons or promotions to apply. If you're not in a hurry, wait until a great sale before making your purchase.

Updated: runDisney Mashup Running Costume Idea: Princess Fennec Shand

This post originally appeared on the blog on January 7, 2022. Since then I've run in this costume, during the 2022 Princess Half Marathon, and made a few more pieces available in my Etsy shop. I figured now would be a good time to update this post and feature it again for the upcoming Princess race weekend.

I love a good mashup costume! After runDisney discontinued the Star Wars themed races (Dark Side forever!), I thought I would continue to run races at Disney, but I'd try to incorporate Star Wars into my costumes as much as possible.

I was thinking about Star Wars / Princess mashups for the 2022 Princess Half Marathon weekend, and figured that combining two strong characters portrayed by the amazing actress Ming-Na Wen would be perfect! So here is a fun costume that mashes up her Fennec Shand from the Star Wars universe with Mulan, a character she voiced in the original animated feature.

Princess Fennec Shand Mulan Mashup All-Over Print Costume Casual Leggings – Embody the strength of two popular Ming-Na Wen characters with our Princess Fennec Shand Mulan mashup running costume leggings. The design uses the patterns and shapes... View on Etsy
Princess Fennec Shand All-Over Print Costume Skater Skirt – Embody the strength of two popular Ming-Na Wen characters with this costume design that mashes up a Mulan color scheme with the style of Fennec Shand! The... View on Etsy
Princess Fennec Shand Mulan Mashup All-Over Print Costume T-Shirt Dress – Embody the strength of two popular Ming-Na Wen characters with this fun t-shirt dress design that mashes up Mulan with Fennec Shand! The design uses the... View on Etsy

Princess 5K 2023: Cheap & Easy Costume Ideas from Amazon

If you're looking for something to wear on 5K race day during the 2023 Princess Half Marathon Weekend, consider a traditional costume from Amazon, and have a look through Amazon Warehouse for some hard-to-beat deals!

Designed to be worn on Halloween or for other cosplay-type events, traditional store-bought costumes won't typically be made of moisture-wicking performance material. For that reason I would only recommend these for a 5K race, or maybe a 10K if you're not prone to sweating a lot and chafing. Cheap Halloween costumes can also be combined with tech running gear to make them more athlete-friendly.

I found all of these costumes searching through Amazon Warehouse (select Amazon Warehouse at the front of the Amazon search bar on desktops). Since these items are typically customer returns, they might be missing the original packaging or have the labels removed, which is why they are discounted. Style and size options will also be limited -- you'll have to work a bit for these discounts! You should check each item before purchase to be sure, but typically Amazon Warehouse items have the same generous return policy of new items purchased from Amazon.

The items featured below are just a few of the options I found today, with example actual price compared to the cost for the item when purchased new. Remember that Amazon prices change frequently so you might not find the same items or price points when you do a similar search.

Pretty Provincial Belle Blue & White Dress

Found on Amazon

This easy costume dress styled after Belle's village dress is available from Amazon Warehouse in Large, XL, and XXL. The large dress is normally $37.99 but available discounted at $25.57. Belle is the featured character for the 10K this year.

Moana Adult Costume with Crop Top, Skirts, Accessories

Found on Amazon

Dress up like adventurous heroine Moana with this fun costume. Adult size XL is available at a discount, priced at just $9.04 instead of the full retail $33.98. This outfit in particular might work well worn over tech clothes -- I could see this working for the Moana-themed half marathon with the right gear.

Little Mermaid Style Costume Party Gown

Found on Amazon

This fun gown styled after Ariel's party dress from The Little Mermaid is available in LARGE for $31.65, discounted from the retail $45.69 new.

Mulan Matchmaker Costume Dress

Found on Amazon

This costume dress styled after Mulan's look during her matchmaker scene is available in size small for $34.39 from Amazon Warehouse, discounted for the retail $49.99 new.

Beautiful Merida Velvet Archer's Gown

Found on Amazon

This pretty velvet gown is available from Amazon Warehouse in size 3X-4X at a great discount: pay just $27.93 compared to the $64.99 retail price.

More Princess Costumes from Amazon Warehouse

Lilycos Luisa Costume Adult Luisa Madrigal Dress Princess Skirt Shirt for Women Full Set with Wristbands for Halloween (3X-Large, Luisa) – Luisa Costume Adult Luisa Madrigal Dress Princess Skirt Shirt for Women Full Set with Wristbands for Halloween.; Fabric: high quality Polyester and Uniform Cloth. Comfortable to... View on Amazon
Lkxfz Womens Super Brothers Princess Peach Costume Halloween Party Dress Women L – Package: One peach princess dress + Gold crown headband + A pair of gloves.; Design: Long satin gown, pendant adorning the bodice of the dress, tulle... View on Amazon
Womens Dolores Costume Adult Tops Skirt Full Set with Headband Princess Dress for Halloween Outfits (X-Small, Full Set) – Womens Dolores Costume Adult Tops Skirt Full Set with Headband Princess Dress for Halloween Outfits.; Material: Uniform cloth and Cotton.; Package Included: Shirt,skirt, headband and choker.;... View on Amazon

Try specific searches in Amazon Warehouse for more costume inspiration, like these:

Race Recaps: Feeding Frenzy 5K & Shark Bite 5K 2023

The eighth annual Shark Bite Half Marathon and 5K weekend took place on January 14 and 15, 2023. It was my third time participating; I ran the Shark Bite 5K in 2019 and the 5K Challenge in 2020. I also participated in 2021 when Shark Bite went virtual. This fun and popular event happens in the shark bite capital of the world: New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The event consists of a the Feeding Frenzy 5K on Saturday evening, and the Shark Bite Half Marathon and 5K on Sunday morning.  

Training & Goals
My knees continue to be a big problem, with pain hindering any progress I try to make in getting back into running. Regular steroid shots lose their effectiveness before I'm eligible to get a new one and they take longer to provide any relief. So it's not great. But I keep trying. I hadn't run at all since last week's WDW 5K

When reading through my personal recap of the events in 2020, I saw that I ran short 45:30 intervals. For this year's events, I decided to run 45:45 for the Feeding Frenzy Saturday evening, and mostly walk the Shark Bite 5K on Sunday.

Feeding Frenzy 5K

Race Day: January 14, 2023
I left home around 3PM and found a spot to park just off of Flagler Avenue. Packet pickup was smooth and I had plenty of time to drop off my stuff back at the car and use a portapotty before the race began. It was a pleasant 52°F with 43% humidity and clear skies when I started running at 5:03PM. 

Mile 1: 13:47
This event had a new course which was a simple out-and-back down Flagler Avenue and Riverside Drive along the Indian River. 

I know this is a very slow pace but I was surprised I could move this fast, considering my lack of workouts of late. I felt pretty good.

Mile 2: 13:29
I liked this course. Running along the river and looking at all of the nice homes and watching for birds distracted me. I was able to run all of my intervals pretty consistently.

Mile 3+: 13:45, 1:43
For these fun shark-themed races, it's always a lot of fun to see all the folks running in shark-themed gear. Someone running in a full Hammerhead Shark costume had me laughing.

After the Race
This evening event wrapped up shortly after the race was complete, and I headed out, though I know many participants stayed to enjoy the bars and restaurants in downtown New Smyrna Beach. 

Chip time: 42:41
Placement details: 32 out of 51 in my age group; 369th out of 516 finishers

Shark Bite 5K

Race Day: January 15, 2023
I left home at 5:53AM. I knew it would be tough to find parking so I wanted to arrive early. I found a spot off of Flagler Avenue about a half mile from the start. I stayed in the car to keep warm before heading out at around 7AM. I said hi to some club mates, posed for the group photo, and watched the half marathoners start at 7:30AM.

For this race it was my turn to wear a funny outfit -- a hooded shark dress I bought from Ali Express a few months ago. It was cold so I layered this over three long sleeve shirts and full length leggings. A hat and shark-pattern buff helped keep me warm.

It was a chilly 36°F with 87% humidity and sunny skies when my race started at 7:43AM.

Mile 1: 15:19
My plan was to walk this mile. I jogged a little bit here and there when the course was congested and I wansn't able to walk my desired pace.

Mile 2: 14:37
I did a slow 45:45 run:walk for most of this mile. The water stop was towards the end of the mile and I started walking when I got a cup so I didn't quite run the whole second mile. 

Mile 3+: 15:48, 2:21
I walked this mile, too. It was fun to wear this ridiculous outfit. I got some compliments and made others laugh. Good times.

After Party
The after party for Shark Bite is consistently pretty awesome. There's lots of treats for the runners, free beer, vendors with swag. Unfortunately there was no mechanical shark this year. I didn't linger -- it was cold! 

Chip time: 48:01
Placement details: 33 out of 44 in my age group; 463rd out of 612 finishers. 

Great swag and a smooth operation. You can't ask for more. Highly recommended.

Race Amenities for 5K Challenge: Runners got a nice soft cotton unisex shirt for each race, a big finisher medal for both races, plus a large challenge medal. I got last year's pint glass after the Feeding Frenzy and a new pint glass on Sunday morning. There is a finisher hat for top 10% half marathon runners, plus free race photos. Great support and after party with free beer and treats.

Cost: $85.14 for the two 5K challenge

Branded photos (c) Almost There Photography

Updated: Princess Race Weekend Tiara Hats & Caps

Note: This post was originally published on 1/10/18. It has been updated with currently-available Amazon products along with a few new selections.

Are you looking for a non-traditional tiara to wear during Disney's Princess Half Marathon race weekend next month? Wearing a tiara or crown-style hat is a fun way to get into the royal princess theme of race weekend and can be worn with a regular race kit or added to your full princess running outfit. Check out these princess-ready caps, visors, and beanies.

Bright & Bold Rhinestone Tiara Baseball Cap

Found on Amazon

This is a rhinestone studded sparkling adjustable baseball hat with a bling tiara pattern and extra baubles on the bill. I purchased a hat similar to this one in red to wear with my Gaston-inspired look for the Princess 5K in 2017. This hat style is also available in black and denim blue.

Warm Embroidered Tiara Beanie Hat

Found on Amazon

Be ready to stay warm in case race day is cold with this hot pink beanie. The hat has an embroidered heart-shaped tiara sewn onto the front. Get in Magenta as shown or in black or white with the same embroidery.

Denim Grunge-Style Rhinestone Tiara Cap

Found on Amazon

This adjustable rhinestone tiara baseball cap comes in several shades of denim, as well as pink, fuchsia, red, and white. The style is similar to the white hat above but this one has wear to the bill for a vintage look, as well as extra bling on the bill. Note that this has a longer shipping time than most Amazon products.

Pink Princess Cowgirl / Cowboy Hat

Found on Amazon

This fun hat in the shape of a cowboy style has a big shiny tiara at the front of the high crown. The wide brim is also decked out in bling, with shiny sequins all around.

Moisture Wicking Tiara Running Visor

Found on Amazon

This visor was made for running princesses. It's made of polyester fabric that wicks moisture away from your head and is ultra light for comfort. The design is a printed heart-shaped tiara with printed bling sparkles. The hat is reversible with a blue tiara on one side and gold on the other. This tech hat from Gone For A Run is ideal for longer runs.

Pink Princess Rhinestone Bling Baseball Cap

Found on Amazon

This pink baseball cap has a small tiara in rhinestones, but the main design element here is the word PRINCESS in shiny rhinestones across the front. More rhinestones border the bill. This bold hat design is available in pink as shown or dark denim.

Tiara Warm Beanie Hat with Pom

Found on Amazon

This cute hat will keep you warm in case race weekend ends up being chilly. The price is right for a "just in case" purchase, too, but keep in mind that this also ships from overseas and can take several weeks to arrive. This hat has a woven tiara pattern on the front with gem details sewn on. Available in black or pink.

Pink Rhinestone Crown Dark Denim Bling Cap

Found on Amazon

This distressed dark denim baseball cap has a bold tiara crown in pink rhinestones on the front, outlined in white stones with the crown's points embellished by pearl beads.

2022 Virtual Race Roundup: July - December

While I'm back to participating in in-person events, I've still got some virtual runs on my calendar. 

These virtual runs and walks are often completed alone, in my neighborhood or on local trails, so they unfortunately aren't particularly memorable. They may also be completed in conjunction with another race, or during a group run. It doesn't make sense to write up individual reports, but I still want to make some note them, especially to shout out the charities involved. Here are my brief recaps from virtual events completed in the second half of 2022.

2021 Tunnel to Towers 5K

The Tunnel to Towers Foundation exists to honor firefighter Stephen Siller who died on September 11, 2001, in the line of duty. The foundation raises funds to help first responders, and part of their fundraising efforts includes organizing 5K events all over the country. The local Orlando event that I signed up for was scheduled to take place on September 12, 2020. Eventually the race was postponed, with registrants able to re-register for the 2021 event at no charge. I selected virtual as I was to be out of town on race day (September 11, 2021). I was only able to pick up my packet from my sweet friend (who held it for me for over three months!) at the end of December, and finally crossed the event off of my calendar on July 4, 2022.

  • Completed: July 4, 2022 on the Spring-to-Spring Trail as part of a WVR holiday meetup
  • Charity: Tunnel to Towers Foundation
  • Cost: $17.50
  • Swag: Tech t-shirt & mini beer mug on lanyard
  • Time: 49:10

Bimbo Virtual Global Race 5K

The worldwide Bimbo Global Race event went virtual for the third year in a row (formerly known as the Global Energy Race). I wonder if it will ever be an in-person event again? The charity run boasted unique swag for a free entry. I have participated in the Global Energy Race 3 times in person, and virtually in 2020 and 2021.

  • Completed: September 24, 2022 in conjunction with a local race: Be Healthy 5K
  • Charity: Feeding America
  • Cost: FREE
  • Swag: Global Energy 2022 tote bag, cooling towel, and finisher medal (submitted date-based results required)
  • Time: 43:49

United with the Blue 5K

This inaugural race was put on by one of my WVR club mates to honor law enforcement fallen officers and raise funds for two related charities. The in-person race took place in Lake Mary, Florida, on November 6, 2022. I switched to the virtual option when I was surprised to get a volunteer shift for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon after previously being wait-listed.

  • Completed: November 2, 2022 on the Spring-to-Spring Trail
  • Charities: Law Enforcement United and Team Blueline
  • Cost: $25.74
  • Swag: Race shirt and finisher medal for all
  • Time: 49:28

Florida Breast Cancer Foundation Race 2 Cure 5K and Tribute Walk

This race that raises funds for cancer research was scheduled to take place in Sanford, Florida on October 2, 2022. Due to Hurricane Ian, the race was postponed to October 22, 2022 and move to Oviedo. I switched to virtual due to a conflict.

  • Completed: November 4, 2022 on the Spring-to-Spring Trail
  • Charity: Florida Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Cost: $25.74
  • Swag: Race shirt and finisher medal for all
  • Time: 49:10

10th Annual Holiday Stress Buster 5K

I was on a cruise ship when this annual Christmas Eve race took place in Lake Helen, Florida. I completed the run on the ship on December 24, 2022. I've participated in the Stress Buster 4 other times.

  • Completed: December 24, 2022 on the Norwegian Dawn
  • Beneficiary: City of Lake Helen's Parks & Playgrounds
  • Cost: $22.17
  • Swag: Race shirt and finisher medal for all
  • Time: 47:04

Addendum 1/20/23: I gave this shirt away (Goodwill) in January 2023

Addendum 1/20/23: I gave this shirt away (Goodwill) in January 2023

Race Recap: 2023 WDW Marathon Weekend 5K

Five years ago this week, I was running my first Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World, getting ready to run my first Marathon as part of the race weekend. This year I took part in the 5K (and volunteered for the half marathon and marathon).

The Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend typically takes place in early January. Four events are offered: 5K on Thursday; 10K on Friday; Half Marathon on Saturday; and Marathon on Sunday. (Kids Races have not returned since the pandemic.)

For this race I decided to dress up as Train Conductor Mickey Mouse. I had the hat in my collection already and asked Arthur to design a skater dress inspired by the character. The Walt Disney World Railroad recently re-opened (12/23/22) after a long hiatus due to the construction of TRON Lightcycle, so it was good timing to dress up as this character.

Training & Goals
My knees continue to be a big problem, with pain hindering any progress I try to make in getting back into running. Regular steroid shots lose their effectiveness before I'm eligible to get a new one and they take longer to provide any relief. So it's not great. But I keep trying.

In the weeks before race day I didn't get out much -- Arthur and I were on a cruise and I only managed to get in one cruise ship run.

I had no goal in mind; runDisney races are for fun and the 5K is the most casual distance, with no timing and no hard sweeps (within reason). I just wanted to have a little fun!

Race Day: January 5, 2023
I left home at 2:32AM and had the car parked at Epcot by 3:23AM. The reunion area was already extremely crowded. I got into a very long line to have my photo taken with Mickey and had to head right to my corral as soon as I got my picture.

The character lines in the reunion area were very long; other characters were Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, and Daisy Duck.

The first runners started the race at 5AM. I was in corral C (out of A-D) and I guess I started in the second half of the group. It was 70°F with 100% humidity when I crossed the start line at 5:48AM.

Mile 1: 15:02 (untimed; Garmin data)
I expected I'd mostly walk this 5K, but I mixed in a few short jogs here and there as the field was so crowded. I was just trying to keep out of the way from other participants.

I saw one character stop here, Tarzan with Kala (switched out with Kerchak) just outside of Test Track.

Mile 2: 16:55
After little over a mile of running through the parking lot and back entrance roads, we passed under Test Track and entered World Showcase between Mexico and Norway. This mile took us around World Showcase with a quick exit via International Gateway. 

I saw two character stops in this mile: Mushu in China; and Genie with Abu in Morocco. I've never seen such long character lines in a race before. It was unreal.

Mile 3+: 17:03, 4:13
For mile 3 we entered World Showcase again, between the UK and Canada. The course headed towards Future World where we exited at Test Track. Here we ran by a backstage part of Test Track I'd never seen before. Somewhere around here we could hear a choir singing a medley of Queen songs. After turning under part of the Guardians of the Galaxy ride building, the choir was revealed, which was super cool. 

Max Goof was a character stop backstage during this mile. I've never seen this character before but the line was so crazy long I didn't stop. Chip 'n Dale as Rescue Rangers were stationed between International Gateway and the UK.

Sport Goofy was cheering on the runners as we approached the finish line.

After the Race
After collecting my medal, drinks, and snacks, I headed to Gear Check. I had dropped a bag with a change of clothes. I intended to head to my volunteer shift at Audubon Center for Birds of Prey after the race, and dropping the bag saved me some time. I headed over to the restrooms by the bus drop-off and changed into my volunteer clothes. I was able to head out by around 7:30AM or so.

With a good amount of characters, a fun theme park course, and ample perks, I always find runDisney races a lot of fun. Recommended.

Race time: 53:13 (Garmin data)
Race Amenities: Long sleeve tech shirt, finisher medal
Cost: $103.40

How to Track a Cruise Ship Run Using Garmin Lap Feature

Over the Christmas and New Year's holidays, Arthur and I took an 11-night Caribbean cruise on the Norwegian Dawn. I did one 5K on the ship for a virtual race (Stress Buster), which I completed while the ship was at sea on Christmas Eve.

Garmin Set Up for Cruise Ship Running While At Sea

For this run I used my Garmin Forerunner 245. I added a custom activity, following this flow:

- Start / Stop button
- Scroll down activities to ADD and select
- Scroll down to Other and select
- Name your new activity (Cruise Ship Run) and save

At this point it's possible to customize the new activity. I customized my data screens to have the following options. On my first screen I had Laps (Other), Timer (default), and Heart Rate. My second screen showed Battery Percentage (Other), Lap Time (default), and Total Calories (Other). I left Heart Rate (default) as the last screen. 

I also turned off Auto Lap (because I would be manually clicking the Lap button for each lap). My last step was to turn off GPS for this new, custom activity. You can customize other options as you wish, like Auto-Pause on/off, Auto-Scroll on/off, etc.

Tracking a Run on a Moving Cruise Ship

During the run, it's important to click the Back (lap) button on the watch each time a lap is complete. On the Dawn I did this every time I passed the bar. 

Once the run is done, it's easy to multiply the number of laps done by the distance of the cruise ship's track.

On the Norwegian Dawn, the jogging track on deck 13 is 325 yards, or about .1845 miles. So 17 laps was good for a 5K!

Cruise Ship Run Data 

Once the run was complete, I double-checked my math to calculate the mileage I covered during those 17 laps. Using the Garmin Connect app, I edited the activity to add my mileage. I could also check my pace-per-lap time, and standard data like heart rate, workout intensity, and calories burned.

One thing that won't be available is a map of the run, because my GPS was not tracking. If you complete a cruise ship run while using your GPS, you might be surprised by what your map would look like. You can check out this post from DC Rainmaker to see: Fun with a Garmin GPS while running on cruise ships at sea.

This wasn't my first time running on a cruise ship. Back in 2017 we took another New Year's cruise where I had a couple of short runs on the track of the Norwegian Jade.

Local 5K Race Report: Naughty or Nice 2022

This was the fourth year I participated in the holiday-themed Naughty or Nice 5K in Lake Mary, Florida. You can see my other reports here: Naughty or Nice race recaps.

Training & Goals
After last week's Lake Eola 5K I wasn't feeling great. I took the week off from running. I also had some weird stomach bug that was bothering me during the last half of the week, which unfortunately continued through the weekend, making me keep it slow for yesterday's Reindeer Run and this race. I planned to proceed based on how I was feeling. Luckily, this is another walker-friendly race.

Race Day: December 11, 2022
With a race start time of 8AM and a driving time of about 15 minutes, leaving home at around 7:10AM worked out just fine. I had time to pick up my bib & shirt, take a few photos, and chat with run club friends. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see runDisney MC John Pelkey for the second weekend in a row (he was at OUC last week), working this local race. 

By the time I crossed the starting mat at 8:01AM it was 64°F with 94% humidity and cloudy skies.

Mile 1: 15:39
I felt alright here, running very little bit and trying to walk fast otherwise. I heard an American Kestrel calling and that distracted me greatly at the start of the race. After looking all around, I found it hovering over the path. 

About halfway through this mile a couple of cyclists were slowly making their way against the race flow on the path, and one of them yelled out "it's a bike path!" to which I shouted back "it's multi-use, dude!" LOL

Mile 2: 14:56
I found a rabbit -- someone to follow who was just a little bit faster than me. I had to run a few times to keep up with her.

Mile 3+: 15:07, 2:16
I didn't feel great in this mile but I kept up with my rabbit. I ended up passing her while pretending to run for a photographer.

After the Race
Santa and Mrs. Claus cheered the runners coming back, then mingled a bit for photos. There was plenty of water, bananas, bars, and munchkins for finishers. A photo booth took festive photos and a giant inflatable Santa overlooked the event. 

There was a kind of chaotic raffle after the run -- not all of the tickets were distributed, so very few of the called numbers were claimed. Exasperated, the race director started tossing out the prizes to the crowd, and the ensuing frantic grabbing was kind of funny. I managed to snatch a holiday themed potholder. 

As the event wound down, I asked John Pelkey for a selfie and he gladly obliged. During our short chat I found out that his wife plays my favorite holiday storyteller at Epcot, La Befana. In fact, his wife usually MCs Naughty or Nice but she was working so he stepped in. 

Back in 2016 I had been disappointed by the similar shirt and medal from the previous year, and guessed I wouldn't participate again. And yet here we are. This is a fun race with good support on nearby trails. Good amenities like the post-race snacks, photos with Santa, and giveaways make for a fun local race. Recommended.

Chip time: 47:53
Placement details: 18/31 in Age Group; 430th out of 578 finishers
Race Amenities: Last year's shirt (discounted entry), finisher medal, free photos & photos with Santa
Cost: $24.40

Branded photos (c) Almost There Photography

Race Recap: Greg Warmoth Reindeer Run 2022

Arthur and I participated in the Reindeer Run at SeaWorld Orlando on December 10th. The untimed fun run is hosted by Orlando news personality Greg Warmoth and raises money for local pediatric health programs as well as Toys for Tots

Training & Goals
After last week's Lake Eola 5K I wasn't feeling great. I took the week off from running. I also had some weird stomach bug that was bothering me during the last half of the week, which unfortunately continued through to race morning. Arthur and I only planned to stick together and see how we felt about running. Fortunately, this holiday race through SeaWorld is very walker-friendly.

Race Day: December 10, 2022
We left home at 5:23AM and had the car parked at SeaWorld about an hour later. The last 20 minutes of that was a long slow merge into the parking lot.

While waiting for the race to start, we dropped off our Toys for Tots, and got our photo taken with Santa & Mrs. Claus. 

It was 63°F and overcast when we started our race at 7:20AM.

Waiting to start

Mile 1: 15:40
This mile took us around the parking lot. It was very congested for most of this mile. We ran a little but were mostly stuck to walking -- though I didn't mind as I was still not feeling great.

Greg Warmoth was cheering runners at the start of the run

Mile 2: 17:05
Most of this mile was still in the parking lot. Towards the end we entered SeaWorld via a back entrance at Sesame Street Land. This was our first time ever being in this theme park so we took it slow to take it all in. 

Mile 3+: 19:51, 1:39
This last mile was all inside SeaWorld. The race even ended inside the theme park. We had a lot of fun looking at all the park has to offer, admiring the holiday decor, and seeing some of the sealife that was on the course. There were a few photographers on the course towards the end and at the finish line. Arthur and I trotted to the finish but a couple of other participants stopped and started to turn around (to look for their friends I guess). Arthur and I had to split and run around them and I was pretty annoyed. I even muttered "don't stop at the finish line!" Ugh.

We could run to the side of the course to see these rays and sharks

We stopped for a selfie in front of the park's central lake

After the Race
There was a long chute to walk through when we were done. We were offered water, bananas, and sport and caffeine drinks before we reached the medals, which are tree-shaped cookie cutters on a branded lanyard (cute). Walking on, we were also able to get some yummy ice cream, sport gummies, and a fun elf hat. We stood in line for a bit to have our photo taken with Rudolph, then sat for a while at Bayside Stadium to relax and watch the beginning of the costume contest.

It's always fun to see runners and walkers dressed up in funny holiday costumes. We had a blast seeing SeaWorld for the first time and will probably do this run again. 

Garmin time: 54:15
Race Amenities: Long sleeve tech shirt, cookie cutter medal, super fun run through SeaWorld theme park
Cost: $72 for two bibs

Watermarked photos (c) BB Action Photography