PRs and Awards

My Personal Records

I haven't had a PR (personal record) in a good (bad) long while. Maybe someday I'll break 30 again in a 5K or hit sub 2:30 again in a half, or get under 6 hours in a marathon.

Meanwhile, here are all of my numbers to beat, including all race distances, until I'm able to build up my endurance again. Or until I find a race with a new, odd distance.

These are listed by race distance.

Race Distance Time Date Race Event
2 Mile 19:18 9/5/16 Front Running Sports Anniversary 2 Miler (only 2 miler)
5K 29:39 4/9/16 Freedom Elementary Falcon 5K
4 Mile 41:06 2/3/17 Space Race 4 Miler
8K 1:21:47 2/25/18 Gasparilla 8K (only 8K)
10K 1:03:29 7/10/16 Suck It Up Buttercup
12K 2:03:38 2/3/19 Run for the Woods (only 12K)
15K 1:45:24 4/8/18 Riverside Dash
16K 1:58:25 4/9/17 Chimpathon
10 Mile 1:58:01 3/18/18 Excalibur 10 Miler
Half Marathon 2:24:07 3/5/17 Swamp House Half Marathon
Marathon 6:26:08 11/4/18 New York City Marathon

My Age Group / Race Awards

I've won precious few age group awards during race events.

I've never been fast. For a while there I was a middle of the pack runner and got lucky at some small races. And even from the back of the pack, it's possible for the age group stars to align for an unexpected award.

These are listed in chronological order.

Race Event
Date Award
Volusia Pines Elementary 5K 2/16/16 1st overall adult
Dash for Downs 5K 3/19/16 1st in age group
Stone Island 5K 4/2/16 1st in age group
Riverside Dash 5K 4/2/17 3rd in age group
Taylor Wildcat 5K 11/18/17 2nd in age group
Enterprise Spooktacular 5K 10/27/18 2nd in age group
Titan Strong Road Race 5K 8/17/19 2nd in age group
Pump House 5K 2/18/23 3rd in age group