Approximately 3.1 miles. Usually refers to a race, which may be an untimed "fun run" or a chip-timed, USATF-certified race.


Approximately 6.2 miles. Usually refers to a timed race.


The distance, in miles, of a half marathon.


The distance, in miles, of a full marathon.


Age Group. Categories for which race awards are given, usually broken down into 5-year increments. As of February 2017, I am in the Women 45-49 Age Group. For some races AG are done in 10 year increments.


Race numbers worn by runners, usually attached to the shirt with safety pins. Often a sheet of Tyvek, with or without a timing chip attached. May be generic or decorated specifically for the race.


Boston Qualifier; a race run fast enough to get the runner into the Boston Marathon's time standards

Chip Time

Your actual recorded race time (from the time you cross the start line until you cross the finish line); not all races use chip timing | Related: see Gun Time


Dead (Freaking) Last; the last runner to cross the finish line in a race


Dead Last Start; when you start the race after all other participants have crossed the start line


Did Not Finish; when you are unable to finish a race


Did Not Start; when you don't start a race for which you have registered



A personal electronics manufacturer. In the context of this site, Garmin refers to a GPS watch made for running. These devices record data for running and other activities, including time, distance, pace, calories, elevation, and more.

Gun Time

The time a race starts (when the first runners cross the start line); your finish time may be listed using this method | Related: See Chip Time


Half marathon.

Intervals or Interval Running

Can refer to using a run:walk method as made popular by Olympic runner Jeff Galloway (this is most often what I'll refer to on this blog). Can also refer to a type of speed workout.

Lollipop Course

A route that has the same starting and ending point. The route goes into a loop at some point so that the overall course somewhat resembles a lollipop shape.

Negative Splits

When each mile (or other unit of measure) is run faster than the previous


Personal Record. May refer to time or distance. Often in competitive races, a runner's goal is simply to achieve a new PR. AKA PB: Personal Best


Physical Therapy or Physical Therapist (also known as Pain and Torture)

Shoe Tag

A reuseable tag with a timing chip that is attached to a runner's shoe for the purpose of timing a race. The runner passes over a timing mat at the start and end of the race in order to record time.


USA Track & Field -- the National Governing Body for track & field, long-distance running, and race walking in the USA.


My running club, West Volusia Runners.