Run for the Woods 2019 12K Race Recap

I signed up for another trail run, Seminole State Forest -- Run for the Woods, even though I don't really like running trails and I broke a rib on my last trail race. What's wrong with me? Anyway, money raised from these races (a 5K and half marathon were also available) is used for facility and park improvements.

Training & Goals
[Cue the usual of late] My right Achilles tendon is still bothering me so I haven't been running very much. This race was walker friendly though so I thought I'd give it a try. Trail running should be gentler on my injury as well. No goal in mind, though I thought I'd finish in about 2 hours.

Race Day: February 3, 2019
I had to pick up my packet the morning of, but since Seminole State Forest is close to home I didn't have to leave crazy early. Friendly volunteers helped guide everyone to parking. Packet pickup was easy and efficient. I knew it would probably be wet on the course so I wore old shoes. We had an informative pre-race briefing before we were let loose on the trails.

It was 63°F at the start with 100% humidity. It was foggy, misty, and overcast.

Mile 1, 2: 13:01, 14:09
The early miles were mostly single-track so I kept pace and took shorter walking breaks when I could move to the side. There were a couple of wet spots that we could avoid by stepping around. All three distances started out on the same course and everything was extremely well marked and clear. Arrows and colored ribbons or tape showed the way. No chance of getting lost (even me!). Awesome.

Mile 3, 4, 5: 20:23, 19:40, 19:38
Water, water everywhere! Plus mud. Walking, sloshing, slipping, fretting! I guess looking back it was a little bit fun but at the time I was just hating life and cursing myself for ever registering. Racing usually makes me feel like a kid but this kind of running makes me feel like an old lady because I'm constantly worrying about falling down or losing a shoe in the muck.

Mile 6, 7+: 17:42, 15:27, 4:01
Mostly dry but I was over it! I mean the trail and the park are beautiful but I have to stop getting this runner's amnesia that lets me sign up for more trail races. Halp?

After Party
Free beer for all runners! Snacks and treats, green chili, PBJs, and more. Better than average food and beverage spread. There were also fun booths from local nature groups, the Central Florida Zoo, and government natural resources agencies. The Avian Reconditioning Center brought a couple of education birds and the Orianne Society brought along a pair of Indigo Snakes. Definitely my kind of vendor action.

Volunteers were incredibly friendly and helpful. The event organization was smooth from start to finish. The courses were marked to perfection. Great swag. Highly recommended for trail run fans. Ugh, how much do you want to bet I'll be there next year? Pls send help.

Chip time: 2:03:38
Placement details:
45/71 female participants; 82/110 overall
Race Amenities:
Very nice soft unisex shirt, nice medal, great food spread and free beer

Report written February 10, 2019

Finisher photo (c) Almost There Photography

Addendum 1/20/23: I gave this shirt away (Goodwill) in January 2023

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