How to Set Your Garmin 245 to Unlimited Run/Walk Intervals

I previously posted about this when I had my Garmin 235. This is an updated mini tutorial for the Garmin 245.

I wanted to post this because I often see runners asking how to set up more than 99 intervals on their Garmin watch. Interval workouts can be repeated up to 99 times, but the Alerts feature is what to use for run/walk interval running. Alerts notifications will continue for the duration of your run and are not limited to 99.

It's very easy to set up your Garmin Forerunner 245 GPS running watch to alert you to your preferred run/walk intervals. On your watch, the flow is:

Menu (long press) > scroll down to Activities & Apps > Run > Run Settings > Alerts

If you haven't set anything up yet, select Add New and then Run/Walk. Follow the prompts to set your preferred time for your running interval and your walking interval. When you have these alerts turned on, your watch will notify you when it's time to switch between running and walking. You can have your watch give you a vibration alert, a sound alert, or both.

How to Set Your Interval Alerts to Sound or Vibration or Both

Menu (long press) > scroll down to System > Sounds 

You have a choice regarding how you are notified about your run/walk intervals: via sound or vibration or both. I have mine set to Vibration only and rarely miss an alert.


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