Budget Runner: Replacement Garmin 235 Cable

One of our cats has the occasional bad habit of chewing on wires. While William has mostly outgrown this, we like to have backups of important cables on hand just in case he decides to be naughty.

Garmin brand replacement charging clips can be puchased on Amazon for $20-$25, while various off-brand clips can be had for $6 or more.

I found this incredibly affordable charging cable for my Garmin 235 on the Chinese market website AliExpress and decided to give it a try.

Order & Shipment
I placed my order on August 30, 2019. I received my charging clip in the mail on October 1, 2019.

Prices on AliExpress tend to fluctuate; I paid $3.06 for the charging clip with free shipping.

Note that sometimes ordering through the mobile app gives better pricing than via the desktop interface. I usually do my shopping on a computer and fill my cart from there. I can login via the app on my phone and compare the total price between the two before placing my order.

Review | Recommendation
I have been using this replacement charging clip for my Garmin 235 exclusively since I received it. It clips to my watch just like the official Garmin one that came with the watch. It works -- my watch charges up just like it should. I would not hesitate to purchase this again and I gladly recommend this affordable option to anyone looking for a replacement cable or to have a backup for charging their Garmin watch.

Update 4/6/21
I'm still using this cable and it's working great. My Garmin isn't holding a charge quite like it used to, and I'm using the watch for bike rides and walks about 5 days a week, charging after each use. The cable is performing well! However, I noticed that our cat William had a couple of chews on it, so just to be safe I ordered another cable as a backup.

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