2021 Virtual Race Round-Up (May - December)

While I continue to work through knee pain, I haven't really been able to make any running goals. Unfortunately my overall fitness has been a victim of this, but I hope to make some changes in 2022.

Anyway, in 2021 I participated in very few in-person events. I also completed just a handful of virtual events, mostly walking. 

These virtual runs (walks) are mostly completed in my neighborhood or local trail, so they unfortunately aren't particularly memorable; individual reports would be even more boring than the usual race report. I still want to note them, especially to shout out the charities involved, so here are some brief recaps from virtual events I completed in the last half or so of 2021.

1 Run 4 Life 4 Miler 2021

This was a live event that I elected to complete virtually. I've participated in this race 3 times in person, and virtually in 2020.

2 Global Energy Race 10K 2021

This worldwide event went virtual for the second year in a row. The charity run boasted unique swag for a free entry. I have participated in the Global Energy Race 3 times in person, and virtually in 2020.

  • Completed: October 10, 2021 on local trails
  • Charity: Feeding America
  • Cost: FREE
  • Swag: Tote bag, cooling towel, finisher medal (submitted date-based results required)
  • Time: 1:44:25

3 Park Falls Virtual Turkey Trot 2020

This local race in Park Falls, Wisconsin was forced to go virtual due to the pandemic. It had a Thanksgiving theme with the option to run anytime up until Thanksgiving Day. I completely forgot about this run during 2020, so I completed it in 2021. 

  • Completed: December 7, 2021 on local trails
  • Charity: Lord's Cupboard Food Pantry
  • Cost: $39.00
  • Swag: Long-sleeve t-shirt, finisher medal
  • Time: 47:05

4 Smashed Santa 5K 2020

I signed up for this affordable virtual race with some neat holiday swag back in 2020. I ended up completing it around Christmas 2021.

  • Completed: December 10, 2021 in my neighborhood
  • Charity: Nikolas Ritschel Foundation
  • Cost: $31.68
  • Swag: Long sleeve t-shirt, finisher medal, holiday socks, beanie, Santa beard
  • Time: 49:46

5 Daytona Beach Turkey Trot 2021

This was a live event last year that I had hoped to attend but I was unable to participate in person. The race director very kindly let me convert to a virtual race at the last minute. 

  • Completed: December 13, 2021 in my neighborhood
  • Charity: Funds were raised to support the largest school team of race participants
  • Cost: $31.03
  • Swag: T-shirt, finisher medal
  • Time: 49:46

6 Santa's Twilight 5K 2020

This was another in-person event that I was able to convert to virtual after registration. The race took place in 2020 but I didn't complete it until 2021.

  • Completed: December 15, 2021 in my neighborhood
  • Charity: Give A Day Foundation
  • Cost: $35.06
  • Swag: T-shirt, finisher medal
  • Time: 49:58

Addendum 9/28/22: I gave this shirt away (Goodwill) in September 2022

Addendum 9/28/22: I gave this shirt away (Goodwill) in September 2022

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