Gear for Your Gear: Cap Washers


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Gear for Your Gear: Alligator Clips for Medal Displays

Near the start of the pandemic, when I saw that more than a few virtual races were in my future, I purchased a second-hand medal holder (Trailscape by Allied Medal Hangers) to keep my virtual swag separate from my in-person race medals. This popular type of medal rack...

Revisiting Odor Absorbing Charcoal Bags for Shoes: Quarantine Tip

Last year I reviewed these odor absorbing charcoal bags for shoes. I have since ordered more and basically have a set of these inside every pair of shoes I own. They do a great job of keeping my sweaty running shoes stink-free. I wanted...

Gear for Your Gear: Standing Towel Rack

Are your clothes wet from sweat after a summer run? Mine always are. They might be a bit stinky, too. When practical, I like to leave my sweaty clothes out by the washing machine to dry off, keeping the stink out of the house. For this I use...

Gear for Your Gear: Odor Absorbing Charcoal Bags

I sweat so much when I run. In the heat of summer, there's a chance my shoes are going to be sweaty and wet after a run. After a while they'd start to get stinky. About a half year ago I started using these odor-absorbing charcoal bags and they work like magic! My shoes no longer stink.