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Local 5K Race Report: Rotary River Run 2016

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The DeBary Rotary River Run 5K was a new race that took place at Gemini Springs, just about a mile from my house. A race so close is hard to resist entering. The local Rotary club put on the race along with Florida Hospital Fish Memorial to benefit the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Training & Goals
All through February I ran 3 times per week, usually two 5K runs plus one longer run in the 10K range. This was my third 5K race in a row in February. I had gotten a PR in my previous two races and I hoped to do so again in this race, especially since I'd be running in very familiar territory.

Race Day: February 20, 2016
I rode my bike to the park and locked it up. I got my shoe tag and then waited for the race to start. I chatted with a birding friend, Eli, for a bit before the race started. It was nice to see a familiar face at a race. The starting corral area was quite open. I tried to position myself somewhere in the middle. It was 57°F and partly cloudy at 8:00AM when the race began.

Mile 1: 10:04
I had been running with 5:1 (5 minutes running, 1 minute walking) intervals in training. When my watch beeped for my first break, my pace looked terrible. I decided then to skip taking breaks in this race.

Mile 2: 10:09
This was an out-and-back course with a loop at the end. Mid-race we made a sharp turn-around on the Spring-to-Spring Trail, looping around a traffic cone and a photographer.

Mile 3+: 10:34, 1:53*
Skipping walk breaks took a toll on my pace here. Approaching the finish line a volunteer encouraged me to gun it to the end. I sputtered "No PR though!" which is a lousy attitude and I regretted saying it even though I was laughing at the time. I tried to pick up my pace at the very end and did my version of a "sprint" through the finish line.

I downed a banana and a bottle of water as I waited for the results to post. I was pleased to see I got another PR, this time by just 17 seconds. One celebratory chocolate chip cookie turned into three. Other runners enjoyed the free burgers being offered. I went to pick up my bike and rode home.

Chip time: 32:03 (0:17 PR)
Placement details:
9th in age, 84th overall out of 216 finishers
Race Amenities: Swag included a short sleeve ladies cotton tee and a finisher medal for all.
$22.70 including $2.70 transaction fee

*I often forget to turn off my Garmin after a race, so the final time is skewed.

Report written March 8, 2016
Featured photo (c) Eli Schaperow; start photo (c) Almost There Photography


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