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Approximately 3.1 miles. Usually refers to a race, which may be an untimed "fun run" or a chip-timed, USATF-certified race.

Approximately 6.2 miles. Usually refers to a timed race.

The distance, in miles, of a half marathon.

The distance, in miles, of a full marathon.

Race numbers worn by runners, usually attached to the shirt with safety pins. Often a sheet of Tyvek, with or without a timing chip attached. May be generic or decorated specifically for the race.

In the context of this site, a GPS watch made for running. Records time, distance, pace, calories, elevation, and more.

Half marathon.

Lollipop Course
A route that has the same starting and ending point. The route goes into a loop at some point so that the overall course somewhat resembles a lollipop shape.

Personal Record. May refer to time or distance. Often in competitive races, a runner's goal is simply to achieve a new PR.

Shoe Tag
A reuseable tag with a timing chip that is attached to a runner's shoe for the purpose of timing a race. The runner passes over a timing mat at the start and end of the race in order to record time.

USA Track & Field -- the National Governing Body for track & field, long-distance running, and race walking in the USA.