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Local 5K Race Report: Lighthouse Loop 2015

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My first race! I started running in August 2015 with a Couch to 5K program. After I was over halfway through the program I decided to sign up for a 5K race that would occur close to the end, and the Lighthouse Loop 5K fit the bill. There was a half marathon race along with the 5K. Lighthouse Loop is a great local race that benefits Volusia County school athletic programs.

Training & Goals
I got my Garmin Forerunner 15 running watch just prior to this race. Using MapMyFitness on my iPhone had led me to believe I could finish the race in well under 40 minutes. I'm not sure if my phone gave me optimistic statistics or I was too busy smiling like a fool to run fast in this first race, but sub-40 didn't happen! By raceday I had been running three times a week for almost 3 months, with most runs around 5K. In addition to hoping for a good time, I also aimed to run the entire race without walking breaks.

Race Day: October 25, 2015
We left home in the dark to head to the coast for the race. Volunteers pointed us to parking and I think we must have arrived just in time to park along the road across the river from the starting line. Those arriving later probably had to hoof it a bit more but there was ample parking for all participants. Arthur walked with me part of the way across the bridge to the start. It was 73°F when the race began shortly after 7:15AM.

Mile 1: 13:50
We started over the Dunlawton Bridge right at the start of the race. I stood far back in the starting area and navigated around a bunch of stroller-runners as I traversed the bridge.

Mile 2: 12:56
The race was a lollipop route and as I headed for the small loop at the turnaround I was amazed that people were already on their way back. They were so fast!

Mile 3+: 13:10, 2:17*
I got a little bit lost at the end. I blinked and suddenly everyone that was in front of me disappeared -- I didn't realize there was a sharp turn into the finish area. I stumbled a bit as spectators frantically pointed me in the right direction. Oops!

The after party was great, but I felt a bit guilty eating the delicious breakfast buffet as a 5K runner. There were people there who ran 4x what I did!

Chip time: 41:01
Placement details: 13th in age, 197th overall out of 321 finishers
Race Amenities:
Swag included a sleeveless women's tech t-shirt and a flat reuseable backpack goodie bag. Medals for half marathon runners only.  There was also a nice post-race spread with bananas and a free hot buffet breakfast from Aunt Catfish on the River.
$28.00 including $3 transaction fee.

*I often forget to turn off my Garmin after a race, so the final time is skewed.

Report written March 9, 2016

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