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Cheapskate Runner: Cooling Wristbands

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I sweat a lot when I run. I often use traditional terry cloth wrist bands to help mop sweat off of my face. I decided to try out some cheap cooling wristbands I found for sale on AliExpress, a Chinese online retail service known for selling merch at low prices.

Order & Shipment
I purchased two of these cooling wristbands branded RIMIX from the "Day Day Up Globle Store" (LOL). I placed my order on May 29th, 2019. I received the wrist bands on June 10th, 2019.

Availability & Price
I think the main reason most people shop on AliExpress is for their low prices. Regarding these cooling wrist sweatbands, however, I've never seen anything like them in stores or via other domestic online retailers.

Prices on AliExpress tend to fluctuate; I paid $1.68 for each wristband, with an additional $0.32 for shipping.

Note that sometimes ordering through the mobile app gives better pricing than via the desktop interface. I usually do my shopping on a computer and fill my cart from there. I can login via the app on my phone and compare the total price between the two before placing my order.

Using the Wristbands | Review
These cooling wristbands are made of the same kind of synthetic material found in cooling towels. They aren't stretchy, so putting them on is a bit tricky to do without ripping the seams. Once they are on my wrist, they're comfortable. I don't notice an extra cool feeling on my wrist when I am wearing them, but they wick away moisture just like any good tech garment. And they are a lot lighter than a terry band. Those can feel hot on my wrist; these cooling wristbands definitely do not.

I am very happy with this purchase. Especially when compared with traditional terry sweatbands, I really like these cooling bands, with their cooler feel, lighter weight, and wicking material. The price is extremely affordable. Recommended.

I have since ordered a few more bands so I can wear them more often on runs. They come in four different colors (lime, pink, blue, and black); I wish more colors were available.

If you go shopping for these on AliExpress, note that there are several different merchants offering the same or similar bands, and prices fluctuate.

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