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Gear Reviews


Cheapskate Runner: Cooling Wristbands

I sweat a lot when I run. I often use traditional terry cloth wrist bands to help mop sweat off of my face. I decided to try out some cheap cooling wristbands I found for sale on AliExpress, a Chinese online retail service known for... More

Cheapskate Runner: Replacement Garmin Watch Band

I love my Garmin 235 running watch. I've been using it for all of my runs since December 2016. I've got a simple black one. I decided to try out a replacement Garmin wrist band from AliExpress, a Chinese online retail service known for... More

Gear for Your Gear: Odor Absorbing Charcoal Bags

I sweat so much when I run. In the heat of summer, there's a chance my shoes are going to be sweaty and wet after a run. After a while they'd start to get stinky. About a half year ago I started using these odor-absorbing... More

Gear for Your Gear: Cap Washers

I like to wear Headsweats visors when I run. They keep the sun out of my eyes and they work hard to keep sweat off of my face. Keeping my hats clean is easy with purpose-made protective cages like these cap washing frames that come in... More

Ooofos vs. Telics: Recovery Sandal Review & Comparison

You may have heard great things about Oofos sandals for recovery after running. These soft foam sandals are designed to help speed up recovery by reducing physical stress. I received a pair for Christmas last year and wore them after long runs or back-to-back run... More

Gear Review: Knuckle Lights

I got a pair of Knuckle Lights for Christmas last year. I used them on every o'dark thirty run I did this year. They got particularly heavy use during May, June, and July, averaging 10-12 miles per week.Knuckle Lights are worn on your hands. You... More

Reviews: Running Armbands for iPhone 6

I've always carried my phone with me when running. Soon after I started the C25K (Couch to 5K) beginner program, I purchased a Gear Beast armband that would accomodate my iPhone 4 in its Otterbox Defender case. I used my phone for the running program... iPhone 6 Armband Reviews